Herringbone Vs Chevron

What is the Herringbone Pattern?

Dive into the world of geometric intrigue with the timeless Herringbone pattern, a flooring design that has captured the imagination of generations. This classic arrangement, featuring rectangular planks laid in a staggered zigzag pattern, has graced the floors of European castles, mansions, and renowned art galleries for centuries.

Here are some key features and considerations regarding the herringbone pattern:

Aesthetic Appeal

The Herringbone pattern is highly regarded for its visual impact and timeless elegance. It adds a sense of sophistication and architectural interest to any space, creating a focal point then enhances the overall design.


The Herringbone pattern can be applied with various materials, including hardwood, engineered wood, laminate or luxury vinyl. It works well in different styles and interiors, from traditional to contemporary, and can be customized with different colors and finishes to suit personal preferences.

Installation Complexity

Installing the Herringbone pattern requires precision and skill, making it a bit more challenging than standard straight installations. Each plank needs to be cut at a 45-degree angle and properly aligned to create a desired V-shaped pattern.

Visual Expansion

The Herringbone pattern can visually expand the space and make it appear larger. The diagonal lines create an illusion of width and depth, making it a popular choice for smaller rooms or narrow hallways.

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Rediscover the allure of Herringbone flooring as it experiences a resurgence in popularity, with contemporary designers embracing its dynamic aesthetic and ability to add depth and movement to any space. Explore an array of materials, colors, and finishes that allow you to create a truly unique and mesmerizing focal point in your interiors.


What is the Chevron Pattern?

Enter the realm of sophisticated design with the Chevron pattern, an elegant flooring layout characterized by its sharp,

V-shaped angles. This visually arresting pattern dates back to ancient Greece and has since been a symbol of prestige and refinement, adorning the floors of palaces, museums, and grand residences across the globe.

Experience the renaissance of the Chevron pattern as it enjoys a renewed popularity among interior designers and homeowners alike. Its captivating geometry and ability to create a sense of spaciousness make it a perfect choice for modern interiors seeking a touch of opulence and drama.

Unleash your creativity with an extensive variety of materials, colors, and finishes that allow you to craft a Chevron floor that reflects your unique style and vision. Combine this striking pattern with the latest flooring trends, such as high-contrast color combinations, wide planks, and eco-friendly materials, to make a bold statement in any space.

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