Your All-Inclusive DIY Hardwood Floor Toolkit: From Measurement to Finishing

Hardwood floor installation can greatly improve your home’s appearance and value. 

Although the technique takes time and accuracy, a committed do-it-yourself enthusiast can produce results that seem professional. 

We’ve compiled a thorough list of the tools and supplies you’ll need to start your DIY hardwood floor installation.

Measuring Tools

A tape measure is essential for precise measurements of your room. Accurate measurements guarantee that you get the right quantity of hardwood flooring and reduce wastage. 

A chalk line helps create straight, accurate reference lines on the subfloor, which ensures that your hardwood planks are laid out evenly.

A carpenter’s square ensures precise 90-degree angles, which is necessary for accurately cutting and fitting boards, particularly in corners and around obstructions.

Cutting Tools

A miter saw is necessary for creating accurate crosscuts and miters in hardwood boards. This tool is great for cutting boards to fit around doors and along walls. 

A jigsaw is the best instrument for precise cuts around pipes, vents, and other irregular shapes. It’s a flexible addition to your toolbox because it can handle curves and intricate designs.

A table saw is handy when ripping boards to width, especially for the final row of flooring, which frequently needs to be cut to fit.

Fastening Tools

Hardwood boards must be nailed to the subfloor with a flooring nailer, sometimes known as a stapler. This tool ensures a tight fit by driving staples or nails at the proper angle, reducing the possibility of damaging the wood. 

A flooring nailer is excellent for most work, but you’ll need a hammer and nails in places the nailer can’t reach, like along walls.

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Surface Preparation Tools

A pry bar is used to remove baseboards and old flooring. It also helps remove staples and nails left behind from earlier flooring.

A floor scraper removes dirt, glue, and old adhesive from the subfloor, which must also be smooth and clean for a hardwood floor installation to be successful. 

It is important to check the moisture content of the hardwood planks and the subfloor. A moisture meter helps avoid problems like warping or buckling by ensuring the ideal conditions are reached for installation.

Installation Tools

A rubber mallet can carefully tap hardwood planks into position without damaging the wood. This tool is necessary to ensure that every plank fits together tightly. 

A tapping block with the rubber mallet helps seal gaps between planks without harming the edges.

Spacers are positioned between the wall and the first row of hardwood boards to guarantee an expansion gap. This space is essential to allow for the wood’s normal expansion and contraction caused by variations in temperature and humidity.

The last rows of planks are fitted with a drawbar, particularly in confined areas inaccessible to a tapping block and rubber mallet. 

Finishing Tools

After installation, the hardwood surface is smoothed with a belt sander to guarantee an equal finish. This step is especially crucial if the floor has already been sanded.

An orbital sander helps smooth out residual flaws and prepare the surface for a finer finish that can be sealed or stained.

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Depending on your chosen finish, brushes, rollers, or pads may be required to apply stain and sealer. These instruments preserve and accentuate the wood’s inherent beauty.

Lastly, cleaning tools like a mop, vacuum, and broom are necessary to keep the workspace neat and a clean surface ready for the final coat to be applied.

Additional Tips for Successful Hardwood Floor Installation

Calling Out The Experts To Help You Further!

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